Tree Farm Events



2018 Annual Meeting
October 27, 2018

Laura and Maurice Hull hosted the N.C. Tree Farm Program’s 2018 Annual Meeting at their Caswell County Tree Farm, Waukegan Farms. Here are some pictures from the field tour and award presentations.

2017 Annual Meeting
October 14, 2017

The N.C. Tree Farm Program partnered with the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission and N.C. Cooperative Extension to explore ways of integrating wildlife habitat into Tree Farmers’ land management goals and objectives. The program included a tour McKay Farms, an intensively managed Tree Farm whose owners have successfully implemented a multiple-resource management program balancing row crop production timber management and wildlife habitat enhancement as well as a celebration of the accomplishments of Tree Farmers and volunteers.

Vance County Tree Farmer Breakfast and Field Tour
September 16, 2017

Tree Farmers Preston and Susan Floyd hosted a breakfast and field tour for forest landowners that focused on fertilization and herbicides, hunting leases, pond management, access paths, invasive species and warm season grasses.

Landownership Transition Planning Workshops
November 14, 16 and 18, 2017

At workshops held in Duplin, Northampton and Iredell counties, Tree Farmers learned about:

  • transferring and managing farm and forest assets at the retirement, disability or death of the principal managers and owners
  • Wills and trusts
  • Immediate and long-term use of business entities and agreements, and
  • Decisions families should make prior to visiting legal and tax advisers

2016 Annual Meeting
October 22

The N.C. Tree Farm Program held its annual meeting at the 2,450-acre G.W. Hill Demonstration Forest in Durham County. A tour of the property included

  • A demonstration of the results of various management treatments, including pre-commercial thinning, burning and competition control
  • Bird-banding and the effects of forest management on songbird populations
  • Information on the impact of Best Management Practices during harvest operations on water quality.

2015 Annual Meeting
October 17

The 2015 Annual Meeting in Cleveland offered N.C. Tree Farmers a unique opportunity to visit a Tree Farm and sawmill all at one location. The event included a tour of Jimbo Shaver’s 300-acre Tree Farm and Shaver Wood Products, one of the few mills in the state that processes both hardwood and pine logs. The tour focused on growing timber for the available markets.