The forest products industry is the number-one manufacturing industry in North Carolina. It employees 70,000 people throughout the state, contributes $18.5 billion in gross sales and pays $912 million in local, state and federal taxes. There are 18.6 million acres of forestland in North Carolina, 85 percent of which are privately owned.


North Carolina and the federal government offer a variety of tax incentives, tax credits and tax deductions to qualifying woodland owners.


Cost-share programs available under the USDA  Farm Bill  and through state agencies provide financial assistance and technical know-how to help forest landowners manage their land.


North Carolina’s forests produce a variety of wood and non-wood products and are the backbone of the state’s largest manufacturing industry. “Industrial demand incentivizes forest stewardship, which improves environmental diversity, forest health, wildlife habitat, recreational opportunities, and the potential for landowners to receive future timber incomes,” according to N.C. State University’s publication North Carolina Forests and Forest Products Industry by the Numbers.