Selling Timber

How and when you sell your timber can determine the return on your investment and the cost of reforestation. It’s important to understand what you have, the available markets and who can help you. Below are links to articles with information to help you get started.


Timber Sales: A Planning Guide for Landowners (N.C. State University Extension Forestry)
When and how you sell your timber can influence how much money you make, your overall financial plans, the cost of forest regeneration, and other management objectives.

Working With a Forester (N.C. State University Extension Forestry)
By seeking the assistance of a professional forester, you can maximize the return on your forestlands.

Are You Growing Your Best Timber? (video) (Forestry Webinars)
Timber is an asset to the owner, and can accumulate significant value if managed appropriately. This webinar will cover some of the core strategies to increase the volume and value of timber on private woodlands.

Marketing Your Timber: A Landowner’s Guide (Florida Forest Service)
A professional forester who knows current market conditions can help with harvest planning, accessing your timber’s current market value and assisting with timber sale administration.

Selling Timber: What a Landowner Needs to Know (University of Missouri Extension)
Like your financial planner who helps ensure your retirement and estate goals will be met and your family doctor who prescribes the proper care to ensure your long-term health, a professional forester helps ensure your timber sale will be financially and ecologically successful.

Markets for Longleaf Pine (American Forest Foundation)
Longleaf pines grow straighter and stronger than many other pines, including loblolly pine. That means they’re suited for higher-value markets and can return more profit.

Cutting at Financial Maturity – Maximizing the Financial Return of Your Woodland (N.C. State University Extension Forestry)
Deciding when is the optimal time to harvest is difficult for most woodland owners. However, this important decision strongly dictates future condition, growth, and composition of the next stand of trees and, ultimately, your bottom line.

Quarterly Price Report (N.C. State University Extension Forestry)
Standing timber price information is reported on a quarterly basis for North Carolina. The price report provides state-wide, average standing timber prices for pine, oak, and mixed hardwood sawtimber, pine chip-n-saw, and pine and hardwood pulpwood.