Who Can Help: Wildlife

A wildlife professional’s guidance can help to enhance the habitat of the wildlife you have on your land as well as attract and provide habitat for species that you may want but don’t have. The organizations below have wildlife professionals who provide assistance to forest landowners.

ATFS Standard 8, Performance Measure 8.1
Landowner should use qualified natural resource professionals and qualified contractors when contracting for services.

N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission

Wildlife biologists help landowners manage habitat to support healthy and diverse wildlife populations and/or to attract certain species to their woodlands. N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission Private Lands Program Staff are available to work with landowners across the state.

N.C. Department of Cultural Resources, Natural Heritage Program

Natural Heritage Program biologists work throughout North Carolina to conduct inventories for rare animals, plants and natural areas.  NHP staff compile data, create maps and distribute information about rare species, natural communities and conservation sites. Their staff is available to answer information requests about rare species or specific sites.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service  makes certain rare and imperiled species get the protection they need – through listing them to the federal list of threatened and endangered species, working to recover them; and reviewing certain projects to minimize or eliminate impacts to listed species. To obtain local information or assistance regarding endangered species related issues on your property, contact your nearest Ecological Services Field Office.