Online Learning – Longleaf Pine

Woods for Wildlife: Native Plants of the Longleaf Pine Forest and Active Management of Early Successional Plant Communities (On-Demand Webinar)
Learn about the high diversity of plant species characteristics of the longleaf pine ecosystem and how it supports the many common and unique wildlife species in these open forests dominated by a single tree. Participants will also learn how to maximize wildlife management goals through active management of early successional plant communities. Commonly referred to as early successional habitat, these plant communities benefit a vast array of wildlife species including the northern bobwhite quail, monarch butterfly, and red-cockaded woodpecker. This webinar will address active management techniques and discuss some specific tips to reach one’s property objectives.

Longleaf Establishment and Management on Private Lands (On-Demand Webinar)
This webinar discusses the different longleaf types, threats to the Native Longleaf Pine Systems as outlined by the FSC US National Risk Assessment, Landowner trends, and wrap up with important considerations when establishing and managing longleaf pine.

The Basics of Longleaf Understory Establishment and Enhancement
This webinar addresses longleaf understory restoration topics including what plant species to use, whether to plant seed or plugs, and what site prep techniques and restoration strategies to use.

Rake in the Profits With Pine Straw
Pine straw is a non-timber forest product that is produced when southern pine trees such as longleaf, slash, or loblolly pines drop their needles in the fall. The resulting pine straw can be raked by hand or harvested using a mechanical raking machine and turned into bales. Landowners can manage their forest to harvest and then sell the straw on a per-acre or per-bale basis for a nice profit.

Silvicultural Aspects of Longleaf Pine
This webinar will look at the longleaf life cycle, climate and soil requirements and fire adaptation, and provide a general overview of longleaf silviculture. Other topics include current markets for longleaf pine wood, needles, and cones, and the ecological benefits of longleaf ecosystem service.

Introduction to the Longleaf Ecosystem
This video focuses on the economic history of the longleaf pine and current efforts to restore it to the Southern region.