Online Learning – Wildlife

Woodland Stewards Webinar Series – Wildlife and Woodlands (On-Demand Webinar)
Managing wildlife is commonly ranked as a primary objective among landowners. This session will introduce basic wildlife management principles and concepts and provide information on habitat requirements of various wildlife that occur across the region.

ForestHer NC: Invasive Plants & Their Impact on Wildlife and Landscaping for Wildlife with Native Plants (Webinar)
This discusses common invasive plants of North Carolina, how they adversely impact wildlife, and some of the challenges with invasive plant control. We will also introduce you to landscaping with native plants and highlight some favorite trees, shrubs, perennials, vines and grasses that benefit pollinators, birds, mammals, and other wildlife.

ForestHer NC: Identifying Birds by Sight & Sound (Webinar)
This first installment will feature a quick background on the ForestHer NC program followed by a presentation on bird identification from Aimee Tomcho, Conservation Biologist with Audubon North Carolina. There will be time for questions, as well as an optional, informal time to have more in-depth discussions about birds and other land management topics following the webinar.

ForestHer NC: Managing Wood and Fields for Wildlife (Webinar)
This webinar consists of two presentations discussing ways landowners can manage fields and forests to benefit a variety of wildlife species. Presentation 1: Managing Your Woods for Wildlife with Deanna Noble of NC Wildlife Resources Commission. Learn how to apply different forest management techniques to enhance habitat for wildlife. Presentation 2: Managing Your Fields for Wildlife with Gabriela Garrison of NC Wildlife Resources Commission. Learn how to manage your fields to attract and support different species of wildlife.

ForestHER NC: Human Wildlife Interactions and Identifying Wildlife by Tracks, Marking, and Scat (Webinar)
This webinar consists of two presentations: Human-Wildlife Interactions presented by Falyn Owens, N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission. Learn how to anticipate and respond confidently to a variety of close encounters with wildlife. Becky Skiba, N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission will then present Wildlife Identification Skills. Learn to use the evidence wildlife leave behind, such as tracks, scat, skulls and teeth, to identify what animal has been present recently.