Individual Supporters

Thank you to the Tree Farmers and other individuals who provide financial support to the N.C. Tree Farm Program.   Why Tree Farmers Give.

Updated 6/30/2022

Sustainers (Lifetime Annual Commitment)

Mary Frances Alsup, Dean Alsup and Keith Alsup
Association of Consulting Foresters, N.C. Chapter
Henderson Forestry Consultants, P.A.
The Hulka Family Fund
Maurice and Laura Hull, Waukegan Farms, LLC
Edwin and Bobbie Listerman
Leslie and Rob McCormick
Richard W. Shaver
Albert and Wynette Shaw
True North Consulting Group, Inc.
Al and Patti Weller
Dave and Mary Jo Woodmansee

Sawtimber ($500 to $1,999)

Joe Cox
Michael M. Desist
Joseph H. Hughes
James M. Long Family Trust
John G. McCormick
Allen and Karen Plaster
Bill and Sue Smith in Memory of Bill Coppridge

Seedling ($499 and below)

Kelli Allen
Judy and Dwight Batts
Eugene K. Bouldin
Grady Brafford
R. Wayne Bray and Linda B. Bray
David E. Coates in Memory of William Berry
Steve and Judy Cox
Walter E. Daniel, III
Janet Davis Travis
Fourtee Acres, LLC
Alan and Judith Goldbecker in Memory of William Berry
Donna Haddock in Memory of William Berry
John E. Hatcher
David Henderson in Memory of Bill Berry
Dr. and Mrs. Jack Hughes in Memory of William Coppridge
Jeremy and Cathy Isom
Alison A. Ives
Donnie James
Gail Johnson
R.L. Johnson Farm, L.P.
Eddie T. Knott
Leon T. Lucas
Leslie and Rob McCormick in Memory of Bill Berry
Dennis and Janice McGrady
Charles Noble in Memory of William “Bill” Berry, Forester
Charles and Martha Oldham
Gordon Plumblee
Phillip Ricks
Riddick Ricks, DVM
Donna Riddel in Memory of William S. Berry
T. Harold Swaim
Marshall C. Taylor
Rodger Winston Durham Living Trust