About Us


The American Tree Farm System (ATFS) is a network of more than 92,000 woodland owners sustainably managing 20.5 million acres of forestland. We are the largest and oldest family woodland system in America and are recognized internationally for meeting strict standards of sustainable management.

The N.C. Tree Farm Program, a state partner of the ATFS, represents about 750 woodland owners who actively manage 197,000 forested acres in North Carolina. We work on the ground with woodland owners and forest conservation partners to promote stewardship and sustain our state’s rich forest heritage.


To promote the stewardship of sustainable natural resource management (wood, water, wildlife and recreation) and the benefits of forest certification through education, professional contact, peer mentoring and recognition programs.


The N.C. Tree Farm Program offers a broad range of educational programs, including field tours, workshops and online resources, to help forest landowners manage their land responsibly and sustainably. Our local network of volunteers and peer mentors provides on-the-ground support and professional advice to woodland owners as we work together to get more good forestry on more acres and keep it there.

We also administer the ATFS’s forest certification program on the state level to ensure that certified wood is available to forest product companies and consumers through:

  • Inspector training
  • Oversight of Tree Farm inspections
  • Administration of periodic re-inspections of Tree Farms
  • Management of the third-party audit process