Benefits of Being a Tree Farmer

Membership in the N.C. Tree Farm Program demonstrates your dedication to well-managed, sustainably grown woodlands for North Carolina and the world. The N.C. Tree Farm Program seeks to support and encourage your efforts by providing forest certification and by offering opportunities for education, mentoring, recognition, contact with natural resource professionals, business discounts and tools to help you manage your woods.


North Carolina’s Tree Farmers proudly post the green and white Tree Farm sign as evidence of their commitment to good forest management. The sign tells their community that they are model woodland stewards and that they are managing their land sustainably.


The N.C. Tree Farm Program offers workshops, field tours, webinars and online resources to educate woodland owners about forest management. Forestry professionals provide on-the-ground assistance during initial inspections and re-inspections.


Tree Farmers are part of a community that works together for better forest management. Your membership connects you with other woodland owners to share ideas and learn from each other. And it connects you with natural resource professionals who can help guide your management decisions.

Third-Party Certification

As a member, your woodlands are certified under the American Tree Farm System Standards of Sustainability. This certification may provide you greater market access, more bids on timber, preference when mills are on quota and, potentially, higher prices.


Our national partner, the American Tree Farm System, advocates for policies that support forest stewardship and represents woodland owners’ interests to industry, trade associations and policy makers on national and state levels. Your membership gives you a voice on issues affecting woodland management, including property rights, capital gains taxes and estate taxes.

2024 Member Benefits include:

  • Tree Farm sign
  • Certificate
  • Tree Farm binder for forest management records
  • Tree Farmer community gatherings and field tours
  • Online resources including a website, social media and e-newsletters
  • Quarterly webinars
  • Priority registration for all N.C. Tree Farm Program events
  • Registration discounts for all N.C. Tree Farm Program events, ForestHer NC events and approved events offered by partner organizations
  • Eligibility for children or grandchildren to apply for $500 college scholarship
  • Discounts on purchases at