Common Forest Insect Pests (N.C. Forest Service)
Insects are a natural part of the forest ecosystem. They have a part in culling out weak and inferior trees, breaking down and recycling litter on the forest floor, and act as a food source for birds and other animals. However, certain insects can pose a serious threat to tree health.

Insects That Can Affect North Carolina Forests (N.C. Forest Service)
This document provides information on the causal agents, hosts, signs/symptom, life cycle, importance, management, timeline and range of common insect pests in North Carolina’s forests.

Invasive Tree Pests: Identification and Management (North Carolina Wildlife Federation)
Join NCWF’s Union County Wildlife Chapter in learning about invasive tree pests that are impacting North Carolina forests including spotted lantern fly, emerald ash borer, and sudden oak death. Our speaker, Brian Heath, is a Forest Health Specialist for the NC Forest Service. Brian began working with the agency in 1994. His job focus for the majority of his career has been in the field of Forest Health and, currently, his work area covers 42 counties in the western portion of North Carolina.