Managing Food and Water Resources

Find these Five Foods and Find Wildlife (National Wild Turkey Federation)
If you want to find turkeys, especially those refusing to answer your calls, then focus on what turkeys do most of the day: they eat.

Watering Wildlife for a Better Tomorrow (National Wild Turkey Federation)
If your land doesn’t have a regular natural water source, building a pond, drilling a well or even creating a shallow catchment in a low spot can offer a steady supply of life’s most vital ingredient.

Managing Forests for Fish and Wildlife (Natural Resources Conservation Service)
This document shows how fish and wildlife habitat management can be effectively integrated into the management of forestlands that are subject to periodic timber harvest activities.

Pools for Amphibians (N.C. Cooperative Extension)
The majority of North Carolina’s amphibians live a part of their lives in water and depend on moist environments for breeding, egg laying, and survival.

Pond Management (video) (American Tree Farm System)
Join wildlife and fisheries expert Billy Higginbotham to learn more about pond management on your Tree Farm.