Forestry Leaflets: Thinning Pine Stands (N.C. Forest Service)
When pine trees grow too closely together in thick, dense stands of trees, then the risk of loss from disease, insects and wildfire greatly increases. Thinning reduces these risks and also promotes enhanced tree growth on the remaining higher-quality trees.

Thinning Practices to Improve Forest Health and Tree Vigor (Forestry Webinars)
The benefits of thinning are well documented, but selecting the correct trees can have a profound influence on the success of the thinning treatment. This presentation will review some of the scientific literature that describes how trees will respond to thinning, and what owners and managers might expect as a growth response.

Clearcutting Myths and Facts (N.C. Forest Service)
Brochure that addresses common misperceptions about the clearcutting of timber

Forest Health – Community Wealth (N.C. State Forestry Extension)
This publication includes a section on harvest and regeneration options forĀ  young and mature stands.