What do you want to do with your land? Do you want to generate income to send children or grandchildren to college? Improve wildlife habitat or enhance biodiversity? Create a peaceful weekend getaway? Whatever you hope to achieve with your woodlands, it helps to have a plan. Forest Health – Community Wealth is a learning tool to help achieve your goals for forest ownership beginning with a self-assessment to determine where your interests lie. American Forest Foundation’s My Land Plan can help you explore and discover how to manage your woodlands. It provides easy to use tools guide you to map your land, set goals, keep a journal and connect with woodland owners and foresters.

Read further in the sections below to learn about the importance of planning so that you can develop a strategy for achieving your goals.




Today’s forest management decisions will have long-term implications for the health and productivity of your woodlands. A forest management plan helps you avoid mistakes and provides a road map for achieving your goals.



When planning for the future of your property, there’s a lot you have to decide and do for yourself. But with our complex tax and legal system, there are some things that may require a professional’s help.


Keeping good records of management activities is important for income tax purposes, complying with ATFS certification requirements and making better forest management decisions. Learn about the documents you should keep and why you should keep them.