Who Can Help: Special Sites

A professional’s guidance can come in handy for identifying and protecting your special site. The North Carolina organizations below have professionals who provide assistance to forest landowners.

ATFS Standard 7, Performance Measure 7.1
Forest management activities shall consider and maintain any special sites relevant on the property.
Indicator 7.1.1
shall make a reasonable effort to locate and protect special sites appropriate for the size of the forest and the scale and intensity of forest management activities.

The North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources preserves and promotes the state’s cultural heritage. Within the Department of Cultural Resources these sections offer assistance to landowners:

  • State Historic Preservation Office provides technical restoration assistance to public and private owners of historic properties and assists owners seeking federal and state historic preservation investment tax credits.
  • Office of the State Archaeologist furnishes professional archaeology services to government agencies, museums, school and the general public.  They work to protect and preserve archaeological sites and objects, including human burial sites. Find the archaeologist who specializes in your area here.
  • State Archives identifies, preserves, and makes accessible records (such as census records, military records, family histories, and various county, state and federal records) and other documents that can help you research your special sites.
  • The Natural Heritage Program compiles data, creates maps and distributes information about rare species, natural communities and conservation sites. Their staff is available to answer information requests about rare species or specific sites.