Swamp Bay

Swamp Bay (Carolina Nature)
Swamp Bay is a medium-sized evergreen tree with dark green, entire, alternate leaves. Common in the Coastal Plain of North Carolina, it was recently split from the similar Red Bay (Persea borbonia), which is rare in NC and found only along the immediate coastline north to Carteret County.

Swamp Bay (N.C. State Extension)
This tree is in grave danger from a fungus (Ophiostoma sp.) carried by the Redbay Ambrosia beetle introduced from Asia. Many of the trees in the southeastern part of North Carolina have died. This plant is also susceptible to laurel wilt.

Swamp Bay (Virginia Tech)
Learn to identify this tree by its leaf, flower, fruit, twig, bark  and form.

The Silvics of Persea borbonia (L.) Spreng., Red Bay, and Persea palustris (Raf.) Sarg., Swamp Bay, Lauraceae (Laurel Family) (USDA Forest Service)
This is a comprehensive report on red by and swamp bay that is helpful in distinguishing the two similar trees.

Persea palustris (UFAS Extension)
The taxonomy of this native evergreen tree has been somewhat controversial. Some lump swamp bay together with its close relative red bay (Persea borbonia), due to their similar appearance. However, the two species are easily distinguishable from one another