Water Tupelo

Water Tupelo (USDA Forest Service)
Water tupelo is a large, long-lived tree that grows in Southern swamps and flood plains where its root system is periodically under water. A good mature tree will produce commercial lumber used for furniture and crates. Many kinds of wildlife eat the fruits and it is a favored honey tree.

Water Tupelo (Coastal Carolina University Arboretum)
Water tupelo is native to the southeastern United States ranging from Virginia to Texas and up to Illinois. It can be found in river swamps mixed with wetland hardwoods or in pure stands. The water tupelo serves as a food source for many animals such as deer, squirrels, raccoons, ducks, and other birds. It is also a source for bees.

Nyssa aquatica (N.C. State Extension Gardener Plant Toolbox)
Water tupelo, is a native, large, long-lived deciduous tree in the Nyssaceae family inhabiting deep rivers or coastal swamps in the Southeastern United States that are usually flooded most of the year.