Yellow-throated Warbler

Yellow-throated Warbler (Birds of North Carolina: their Distribution and Abundance)
Though it likely nests in all Coastal Plain and Piedmont counties in the state, the yellow-throated warbler is not common in the mountains, where it is limited to the lower elevations. In the breeding season, it favors moist forests and edges, whether in swamps, bottomlands, forests along a lakeshore, streamside groves, or in certain pinelands; forests with scattered tall pines and even Spanish moss are favored. In winter, it is found mainly in maritime forests, or in mature pine-hardwood stands, especially where the hardwoods are broadleaf evergreens.

Yellow-throated Warbler Song (youtube video, American Bird Conservancy)

Yellow-throated Warbler (Audubon)
A clear-voiced singer in the treetops in southern woodlands, the yellow-throated warbler returns very early in spring to the pine woods and cypress swamps, where they may be seen foraging rather deliberately along branches high in the trees.

Yellow-throated Warbler Identification (Cornell Lab All About Birds)
Yellow-throated Warblers are small, well-proportioned birds with sharp and pointed bills. Compared to other warblers, they are a bit more heavy-bodied with a longer and thicker bill. From below, note the blunt, only slightly notched tail.