Forest Stewardship: Earning Income from Your Forestland (Penn State Extension)
As a forest landowner, you may wonder whether you could improve you income by putting the land to work. This article covers the basics of business planning, and offers case studies and examples.

Earning Its Keep: Finding Sources of Income From Your Land (Northern Woodlands)
Fortunately, there are a number of ways that your land can earn money for you without you having to quit your day job to make it happen. The opportunities break down into two possible streams: selling products that are part of the land, and/or leasing the land to someone for one of a number of different uses.

Profit From Your Woods (My Land Plan)
This article introduces you to some opportunities for generating income from your woods without compromising their recreational value and health.

Woodland Stewards Webinar Series – Understanding the Financial Aspects of Woodland Management (On-Demand Webinar)
Your woodlands are not just for enjoyment but can also be a source of revenue for you and your family. Financial decisions that you make today will have ramifications for your timber property for years to come. Learn more about what you need to know to make sound financial decisions.

Forestlands Can Offer Much More Than Just Hunting Opportunities and Timber Income (Michigan State Extension)
This article discusses how developing and expanding various Natural Resource Enterprises on properties can increase income while at the same time continuing to provide recreational enjoyment of the ownership.

Alternative Markets for Generating Forest Income (Mississippi State Extension)
This publication summarizes information presented in a Mississippi State University Extension Forestry short course devoted to alternative sources of forest incomes. The goal of this publication is to introduce forest landowners to economic opportunities to supplement their timber income.

Planning Forest Enterprise Activities Can Generate Year Round Income From Your Forested Woodlots (Michigan State Extension)
Incorporating a variety of income producing forest enterprise components to a landowner’s forest management plan can help provide not only a more sustainable annual income but also offer income opportunities throughout a given calendar year.

Woodland Stewards Webinar Series – More Than Timber: Income Opportunities From Non-timber Forest Products (video) (N.C. State Cooperative Extension Forestry)
While selling timber from your woodlands may be a great revenue source, it is not the only option for income. There are a range of possibilities to generate income from your woodlands that depend on your location, forest type ad more, that are compatible with timber management too. In this session learn more about the opportunities to generate income from your woodlands.