Videos and Webinars – Planning

Long-term Planning

Land Ownership, Liability and the Law (NC State Extension Forestry webinar)
Many landowners choose to open their lands to provide recreation, hunting, and educational use for friends, neighbors and others. Other landowners have experienced theft and timber trespassing. This webinar will provide insight from a North Carolina perspective into landowners’ liability and the responsibilities landowners have for invited and uninvited users of their property and will provide proactive steps to avoid timber theft or trespass.

Growing Families, Not Just Trees (American Tree Farm System video)
Join Tree Farmers Rudy and Sheridan Rawcliffe, and Alan Walker to discuss ways to connect your family to your Tree Farm and have ‘the conversation’ about passing it on!

Passing On Land and the Role of Resource Professionals (Southern Regional Extension Forestry)
While many landowners have wills, the document often does not include their woodlands. Other landowners leave it to their children to decide what will happen to the woods. It is important for natural resource professionals to encourage landowners to consider their long-term vision for the beloved woods and seek professional legal and tax advice on options. The presenters share their extensive experience of how to broach this important and sensitive topic with private forest landowners.

Heirs Property: Standing on a Lot of Love (NC State Extension Forestry webinar)
Through this session, participants will gain an understanding of the legal structure of heirs property, the values around this ownership model and opportunities for engagement with heirs property owners that support natural resource conservation and community.

Heirs Property: Standing on a Lot of Love, Part II. A Deeper Look at Strategies for Heirs Property Owners (NC State Extension Forestry webinar) In this follow up to Heirs Property: Standing on a Lot of Love webinar, we will take a look at one family’s journey with their heirs property to get much needed forestry and legal services for their land. Based on a fictional case study, this webinar will give participants a deeper understanding of the issues involved with heirs property such as owner conflicts and requirements to access services from government agencies and third parties.

Woodland Stewards Webinar Series – Your Woodland Legacy: Intact, In Forest and In Family Ownership (Cooperative Extension Service webinar) The love of your land, your management ethic, your desire to see your property remain intact, in forest, and in family ownership – these are components of your woodland legacy. Most woodland owners cite legacy as one of their main reasons for owning land, and a large majority express concern over their ability to keep the land intact. This session is designed to help you find the best way to pass this legacy intact to your heirs.


Marking Boundary Lines (North Carolina Tree Farm Program videos)
Parts 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4

Map Your Land: Tools for Landowners
This webinar teaches landowners how to use the mapping tool on the American Tree Farm System’s website My Land Plan.

Online Mapping and Spatial Resources for the Private Forest Landowner (NC State Extension Forestry webinar)
There is growing interest among private landowners to diversify the benefits from their property through multiple use management. However, small-scale private landowners often have limited information regarding how to plan for management of these benefits. A map is one of the most important tools a rural or urban forest landowner needs for planning and management especially when planning for multiple uses.


Management Plans

Management Planning for Woodland Owners (Oregon State University Video)
This interactive online module explores the concepts of woodland management planning through videos, maps, and audio segments from woodland owners.

Woodland Management by Objectives: Taking Stock & Making Plans (Southern Regional Extension Forestry webinar)
Before you can manage your woodlands, you have to have a good idea of what your land is like, what has been there before and what you want to do with it. In this presentation, learn how you can assess your woods, including past land use, current conditions and potential.

Forest Management Plans, Present Use Valuation and Voluntary Agriculture Districts: What a Landowner Needs to Know (NC State Extension Forestry webinar)
North Carolina’s Present Use Tax Program (PUV) and Voluntary Ag District Program (VAD) can offer forest landowners valuable assistance to help retain and protect their forest land investment. A forest management plan is essential to participate in these programs. Dr. Megalos will explain the PUV and VAD programs, requirements, and benefits. Mr. Lambert will explain the elements of a forest management and what is needed in the plan for various programs. Utilizing these programs can make a big difference in your property tax liability and help to protect your forest investment.