Brown-headed Nuthatch (Sitta pusilla)

Birds of North Carolina: Brown-headed Nuthatch (Carolina Bird Club)
The Brown-headed nuthatch is one of the signature birds of the mature, open longleaf pine stands of the Coastal Plain of the Southeast.

Audubon Guide to North American Birds: Brown-headed Nuthatch (Audubon)
Audubon has identified the Brown-headed Nuthatch as 1 of 32 priority-bird species within the Atlantic Flyway. It is often heard before it is seen; the birds call to each other constantly as they busily clamber about on the branches. In winter, small groups of Brown-headed Nuthatches often join mixed foraging flocks including chickadees, woodpeckers, and Pine Warblers.

Brown-headed Nuthatch call/song (Bird Sounds)
Hear the call/song of the brown-headed nuthatch.

All About Birds: Brown-headed Nuthatch (Cornell Lab of Ornithology)
These tiny blue-gray songbirds climb up, down, and around pine trunks and branches with the deftness of a rock climber.

Nuthatches Squeak Out a Win (Audubon North Carolina)
Birdhouses with a one-inch hole attract nuthatches.

Nuthatches Take Up Nannying When There’s a Shortage of Mates (Audubon)
Brown-headed Nuthatches, native to the southeastern United States, are one of only a handful of known cooperative breeders in North America.

Why the Brown-headed Nuthatch matters (Audubon North Carolina)
This bird requires mature pine trees for food and dead trees for nesting, typical of a landscape created by frequent wildfires over large areas.