Openings and Edges

Managing Edges for Wildlife (N.C. State University Cooperative Extension)
Edges are inhabited by the animals and plants of the two adjacent vegetation communities, plus species that require both vegetation communities.

Grassland Bird Response to Agricultural Field Borders (Forest and Wildlife Research Center)
Enhancement of farmlands for grassland birds can be accomplished by incorporating conservation buffers as part of a comprehensive resource management system.

Conservation Buffers: Wildlife Benefits in Southeastern Agricultural Systems (Forest and Wildlife Research Center) Agricultural producers are the stewards of some of America’s most important natural resources and are often interested in enhancing wildlife habitat value if management practices can be implemented without compromising their agricultural production goals.

Create Soft Edges for Better Habitat (National Wild Turkey Federation)
Take a look at your fields. Do they end abruptly at a line of tall trees? That’s not good. The best habitat contains soft edges, typically a line of thick, brushy shrubs, woody plants and vines between the shorter cover in the fields and the mature forest.