Beaver Management

Beaver Management Assistance Program
The BMAP helps manage ever-increasing problems caused by beaver on private and public lands.

Tree Girdling
Beavers and muskrats frequently cut ornamentals and fruit trees near water.

Damage to Small Ponds
Beavers can be discouraged from using small farm ponds by eliminating trees near the bank or on the dam.

Beaver-created ponds and wetlands store water; many landowners find this beneficial during periods of during extended periods of dry weather and drought conditions.

Beaver Pond Management
Water level control is often the best technique for beaver pond management when the removal of the beavers is not desired or practical.

Waterfowl Management in Beaver Ponds
Beaver ponds are naturally beneficial waterfowl habitat, but in some cases they may be improved by management.

Private Wildlife Damage Control Agents in North Carolina
North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission maintains a listing of private Wildlife Damage Control Agents by county.

Managing Beaver Ponds (N.C. Cooperative Extension)
This publication reviews some of the benefits of beavers and methods to manage and enhance beaver ponds.

Managing Wildlife Damage: Beavers (Virginia Cooperative Extension)
Beavers will inhabit nearly any water source that has a reliable and plentiful supply of nearby food, but they prefer water systems characterized by low gradient flow.

Beaver Management: Damage to Small Ponds (N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission)
Here are four methods for controlling beavers.