White-tailed Deer Habitat Management

Help Deer Refuel After the Rut (Quality Deer Management Association)
With deer season behind them, many hunters overlook the importance of ensuring the deer herd has access to high-quality winter nutrition.

How to Provide Emergency Winter Deer Food (Quality Deer Management Association)
Deer have a limited supply of fat reserves to carry them through winter. The 30 most critical days for winter deer survival have a name, and it is March.

How to Attract White-Tailed Deer to Your Land (My Land Plan)
When it comes to creating an ideal habitat for white-tailed deer, the three factors you have the most control over are food, cover and water.

How to Run a Trail Camera Survey (Quality Deer Management Association)
A trail-camera survey is the most powerful herd monitoring tool you can use that doesn’t require the assistance of a professional wildlife biologist. You can estimate deer density, sex ratio, buck age structure, fawn recruitment and more.

Give Yourself the Edge (Quality Deer Management Association)
In locations where forest cover is heavy, creating new openings can quickly produce a diversity of valuable forage species, and the cover that develops in the young-forest stage makes it a critical component of any land being managed for deer.

Seasonal Management Activities (My Land Plan)
Here are activities you can do on your land year-round to help boost the size and health of the deer population.

Ten Red Flags to Reveal Poor Deer Habitat (Quality Deer Management Association)
There are several ways to monitor deer habitat and detect warning signs that you’ve got a shortage of quality forage and cover where you hunt.

The Best Fire Frequency for Deer Habitat (Quality Deer Management Association)
Prescribed fire is a tool for rewinding the history of ground-level plant growth back to stages that are beneficial for wildlife. How long you wait before rewinding each time depends on what you’re trying to produce and where you are trying to produce it.

Survey Acorns to Improve Production (Quality Deer Management Association)
The key to improving acorn production in your oak stands is identifying the best producers.

The Importance of Good Fawning Cover (Quality Deer Management Association)
Enhanced cover protects fawns from predators and is beneficial to adult deer and numerous other wildlife species. Learn what you can do to provide good fawning cover.

Know Your Deer Plants: Swamp Chestnut Oak (National Deer Association)
When considering species to plant or encourage on deer hunting land in the Southeast, swamp chestnut oak should be near the top of your list. A member of the white oak family, swamp chestnut oak produces extremely large acorns that are highly attractive to whitetails.