Who Can Help: Management

ATFS Standard 8, Performance Measure 8.1
Landowner should use qualified natural resource professionals and qualified contractors when contracting for services.

General Information

N.C. Forest Service

This state agency exists to help landowners ensure that North Carolina’s forests stay healthy, productive and beautiful for generations to come. County rangers are the key contacts for programs and services the N.C. Forest Service offers including preparing forest management plans, financial assistance, seedlings, insect and disease control. N.C. Forest Service personnel are limited in the amount and type of timber management assistance they can provide and often refer many projects to consulting foresters.

Consulting Foresters

Consulting foresters provide services to the general public on a fee or contractual basis. They must meet specific academic and professional requirements to practice forestry in North Carolina.

N.C. State Extension

The N.C. State Extension connects forest landowners and resource professionals with research-based information and technology. There are forestry staff available in the central office in Raleigh as well as in each county office across the state.

N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission

Wildlife biologists help landowners manage habitat to support healthy and diverse wildlife populations and/or to attract certain species to their woodlands. N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission Private Lands Program Staff are available to work with landowners across the state.