Wildlife Photography

How to Run a Trail Camera Survey (Quality Deer Management Association)
A trail-camera survey is the most powerful herd monitoring tool you can use that doesn’t require the assistance of a professional wildlife biologist. You can estimate deer density, sex ratio, buck age structure, fawn recruitment and more.

Wildlife Photography (N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission)
Improve your wildlife photography skills with technical information on shutter speed, aperture and composition.

Equipment Basics (Audubon)
If you’re just getting into bird photography, the first challenge is finding the right gear. Here’s what you need to know.

Using Trail Cameras (American Forest Foundation)
Trail cameras, also known as scout cameras and game cameras, can multiply your wildlife watching enjoyment by showing you what animals are up to when you are not around.

The Evolution of Camera Traps (N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission)
Trail cameras offer a powerful perspective on nature not only by capturing arresting animal pictures, but also providing useful information for studying animal populations.

Trail Camera Maintenance (American Forest Foundation)
Here are things to keep in mind with regard to trail camera maintenance.

Ten Tips for Photographing Birds (Audubon)
A professional photographer and past Audubon Magazine Photo Awards winner offers advice for capturing stunning bird shots.

How to Photograph Birds With a Smart Phone (Audubon)
You already own a powerful tool for snapping birds. Here’s how to make the most of it.

Audubon’s Guide to Ethical Bird Photography (Audubon)
Respect for birds and their habitats must come before getting that perfect shot. Here’s how to be a responsible bird photographer.

Wildlife Photographs From N.C. Tree Farms (N.C. Tree Farm Program)
Here’s what some of our Tree Farmers are seeing with their trail cameras.