North Carolina’s woodlands are home to many different wildlife species. Select a link below to learn more about the habitat requirements of the animals you have on your land, including protected species, how to attract those that you may want but don’t have, as well as about forest management techniques that benefit wildlife.


Each wildlife species requires a specific habitat to meet its basic needs of food, water, shelter and space. Actively managing your land for wildlife has many benefits including more wildlife, increased opportunities for viewing and hunting, aesthetics, exercise and just having more opportunities to spend time outdoors. Read further to learn about managing your land for wildlife.


North Carolina’s woodlands are home to a wide variety of mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians. Click here to learn details about each of them.




More than 30 listed animal species as well as more than 25 listed plant species live in North Carolina woodlands.  Read further to learn more about these species.