Prescribed Fire

Tree Farmers use prescribed fire to improve habitat for wildlife, control unwanted vegetation and reduce debris on the forest floor that may fuel a wildfire.

ATFS Standard 4, Performance Measure 4.3
When used, prescribed burns shall conform with landowner’s objectives and all applicable rules, laws, and regulations.

Prescribed Burn Associations in North Carolina
If you’re interested in learning about prescribed burning, contact your regional Prescribed Burn Association.

This interactive site offered by N.C. State University  allows you to become virtually immersed in a prescribed burn, learn why and how burns are conducted and hear from the landowners and resource professionals who use prescribed fire as a land management tool.

Guidebook for Prescribed Burning in the Southern Region (University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Bulletin)
This guidebook is primarily intended for private landowners who own natural land areas that would benefit from prescribed fire, especially those landowners with at least five acres of land. However, the principles and rules detailed in this book apply no matter the size of the land and will be useful for anyone interested
in prescribed burning. This guidebook focuses on the Southeastern U.S. and covers what is needed for a landowner or burner in the South to create a burn plan and conduct a burn according to their state rules.

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