Pond Management

Tree Farmers often have ponds on their property for recreational use, aesthetic appeal or to provide water for wildlife. Whether you have a well-established pond or are just thinking about building one, here is some information that can help you manage your pond and keep it healthy.


General Pond Management

Learn about some of the common challenges with ponds and who can help you keep your pond healthy.


How big should your new pond be and where should you build it? How will soils impact pond construction, and what laws do you need to adhere to when building a dam?


Where can you purchase fish for your pond, and what kind of fish should you get? What causes fish kills and how can you prevent them? Learn more about managing fish in your pond.

Aquatic Plants

Learn where to purchase aquatic plants and all about aquatic weed management in this section.

Water Chemistry

When should you add lime to your pond? What is the impact of fertilization? Where can you get your pond water tested to determine what management you need to do? Learn more.