Striped Skunk (Mephitis mephitis)

North Carolina Wildlife Profiles – Striped Skunk (N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission)
Skunks live in areas with a mixture of woods, brush and open fields broken up by wooded ravines and rocky outcrops. They prefer timbered areas and pastures with good water sources.

Coexist with Skunks (N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission)
Sightings of Striped Skunks are increasing, as they expand their range into the coastal plain of North Carolina.

Field Guide – Striped Skunk (Chesapeake Bay Program)
The striped skunk wards off most predators through its well-known defense mechanism: a smelly fluid that the skunk can spray up to 12 feet.

Mammals of North Carolina – Striped Skunk (N.C. State Parks)
This article describes the distribution and abundance of Striped Skunk in North Carolina.