Performance Measurement 1.1 Guidance for Completing an Inspection Form

Above is the section on the inspection form that addresses Performance Measure 1.1.
Below is guidance on how to answer each of the questions.

PM 1.1 By checking yes, you are indicating that the landowner has a written forest management plan that complies with the 2021 AFF Standards.

(Reference the list of required elements and confirm that all topics are addressed in the management plan or in a collection of management documents. If any of the elements are missing, use an addendum to update the plan before certifying the property. Attach the addendum to the management plan.)


1.1.1 Management plan shall be active, adaptive and embody the landowner’s current objectives, remain appropriate for the land certified and reflect the current state of knowledge about natural resources and sustainable forest management.

(If the landowner’s objectives have changed since the management plan was written, add a description of the new objectives to the plan and/or use the “Landowner management objectives?” question on page 2 of the inspection form to describe the current objectives for the property.)


1.1.2(a) Management plan shall describe forest conditions at time of plan preparation, landowner’s current objectives, management activities aimed at achieving landowner’s  objectives, document a feasible strategy for activity implementation and include a map accurately depicting significant forest-related resources.


1.1.2(b) The forest management plan shall demonstrate consideration of the following resource elements: forest health, soil, water, wood and fiber production, threatened or endangered species, special sites, invasive species and forests of recognized importance. Where present and relevant to the property, the plan shall describe management activities related to these resource elements.


1.1.2(c) Where present and relevant to the property, the plan preparer should consider, describe and evaluate the following resource elements: fire, wetlands, desired species, recreation, conversion, forest aesthetics, biomass and/or carbon.

If the management activities are present and relevant to the property AND described in the management plan, answer “Yes”.

If the management activities are present and relevant to the property but are NOT described in the management plan, answer “No” and describe in the Notes/Observations section which activities are being done on the property.

If the management activities are NOT present or relevant to the property and are NOT described in the management plan, answer “No”.

1.1.3 The landowner should monitor for changes that could interfere with the management objectives as stated in management plan.



Here are examples of comments you might include in the Notes/Observations section:

    • A detailed forest management plan written for this property in 2023 aligns with all the performance standards.
    • Landowner objectives are clearly identified in the forest management plan.
    • Forestry consulting firm monitors property regularly.