Performance Measure 3.1 Guidance for Completing an Inspection Form

Above is the section on the inspection form that addresses Performance Measure 3.1.
Below is guidance on how to answer each of the questions.

Has the property been harvested or afforested since 2015 under this ownership? (If no, skip to Indicator 3.1.2)

(This question is asking about final harvest not precommercial or commercial thinnings. If the answer is No skip the next question.)

Yes or No

If yes, reforestation or afforestation shall be achieved by a suitable process that ensures adequate stocking levels.


3.1.1 Reforestation or afforestation achieves adequate stocking of desired species reflecting the landowner’s objectives, within five years after regeneration harvest, or an appropriate time frame for local conditions, or within a time interval as specified by applicable regulation.

Yes or No
(If the answer is No explain in the Notes/Observations section why adequate stocking levels were not achieved.)

(Answer the questions regarding Regeneration Type, Acres, Species and Est. Year for each stand that was harvested and regenerated.)

3.1.2 When applicable, landowners shall consult with a qualified resource professional to ensure that proposed afforestation does not have a negative ecological impact or degrade ecologically important non-forest ecosystems.



Here are examples of comments you might include in the Notes/Observations section:

    • The landowner restored cutovers from 2016 harvest to loblolly pine within two years of harvest.
    • The landowner worked with a consulting forester to purchase native species and hired qualified professional contractors for herbicide release and tree planting work.
    • Forester evaluated stocking levels of loblolly pine two years after harvest and determined that stocking levels were adequate.
    • Landowner did some supplemental planting in 2008 to increase stocking levels.