Performance Measure 4.2 Guidance for Completing an Inspection Form

Above is the section on the inspection form that addresses Performance Measure 4.2.
Below is guidance on how to answer each of the questions.

PM 4.2 Landowner shall consider a range of forest management activities to control pests, pathogens and unwanted vegetation.


Have pesticides been used on the property? (If no, skip the next two questions.)


4.2.1 Landowner should evaluate alternatives to pesticides for the prevention or control of pests, pathogens and unwanted vegetation to achieve specific management objectives.


4.2.2 Pesticides used shall be approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and applied, stored and disposed of in accordance with EPA-approved labels and by persons appropriately trained, licensed and supervised. Landowners or their designated representative shall document pesticide usage.

(If the answer is No, do not certify the property.)



Here are examples of comments that might be included in the Notes/Observations section:

  • Herbicides were used after harvest to prepare the site for reforestation. The landowner used a certified pesticide applicator who developed a detailed herbicide report. A copy of the report is available.
  • The landowner agrees to evaluate other alternatives to pesticide use to prevent or control pests, unwanted or competing species and non-native invasive species.
  • The landowner agrees that all pesticide applications on the property will be in accordance with EPA-approved labels and applied by a certified licensed pesticide applicator with adequate liability coverage and insurance as required by law.
  • The landowner/consultant will maintain records of pesticide use.
  • Management activities will protect soil and water quality by complying with N.C. BMPs and all relevant federal, state, county and municipal laws, regulations and ordinances governing forest management activities.
  • When pesticide use is the best option for site preparation and/or managing forest health, use will be EPA compliant and documented.