Performance Measure 5.1: Guidance for Forest Management Plans

Below is the information that should be included in a forest management plan to comply with American Tree Farm System Standards of Sustainability.

Consult at least two of the resources below to determine whether or not there are any threatened or endangered species on or near the property. List the resources consulted and describe the research findings in the management plan.

Include one of these statements in the management plan:

  • The landowner and/or the landowner’s agent have/has checked the (names of at least two of resources listed above) and found that there are no known threatened or endangered species on the property.
  • According to (name of the resource or resources), the following threatened or endangered species are known to be present on the property or within two miles of the property:____________________________
    The landowner and/or the landowner’s agents will take the following protective measures during management activities:___________________