Performance Measure 5.2: Guidance for Completing an Inspection Form

Above is the section on the inspection form that addresses Performance Measure 5.2.
Below is guidance on how to answer each of the questions.

Has the landowner identified objectives related to desired species and/or forest communities?

No, skip the rest of the questions in this section.)

If yes, which species/forest community?

(Check any of the listed options that apply. If Other, provide the name of the desired species/forest community.)

PM 5.2 Landowner should address the desired species and/or desired forest communities when conducting forest management activities, if consistent with landowner’s objectives.


5.2.1 Landowner should consult available and accessible information on management of the forest for desired species and/or forest communities and integrate it into forest management.



Here are examples of comments that might be included in the Notes/Observations section:

    • The landowner would like to restore a longleaf pine/wiregrass ecosystem back on the farm. Specific recommendations are included in the forest management plan to help achieve this restoration objective.
    • Specific recommendations have been provided to improve wild turkey habitat on the farm. Refer to plan for activities planned and impact on wild turkey habitat.