Performance Measure 7.1 Guidance for Completing an Inspection Form

Above is the section on the inspection form that addresses Performance Measure 7.1.
Below is guidance on how to answer each of the questions.

7.1.1 Landowner shall make a reasonable effort to locate and protect special sites appropriate for the size of the forest and the scale and intensity of forest management activities.


Which resources were consulted to reach this determination? For example, field observations by qualified natural resource professional, state natural, historical or cultural heritage databases or offices.

(List the resources consulted. Be sure to ask the landowner about any known special sites.)

Are special sites relevant to the property? (If No, skip the next questions.)


If yes, which special sites are present?

(Name any special sites and describe where they are located.)

Number of occurrences:

(Provide the number of special sites on the property.)

How are special sites protected?

(Describe what steps are taken to protect special sites during management activities. This may include flagging the area, identifying it on a map, including a description in a contract for management services.)

If yes, PM 7.1 Forest management activities shall consider and maintain any special sites relevant on the property.

(Answer Yes if special sites are present on the property.)


Here are examples of comments that might be included in the Notes/Observations section:

    • There are no special sites identified on the property.
    • Landowner, who is a local historian, has walked extensively through the property and is unaware of any archeological, cultural, historical, geological, biological or ecological sites of significance.
    • There are several old tobacco barns on the property that the hunt club utilizes but nothing that would meet the criteria of special sites.
    • With proximity to the river, the property was most likely used by native Americans.
    • There is a large willow oak near the western property line that has special significance to the landowner. This is where his grandfather proposed to his grandmother. It is noted on the map as a special site and will be flagged for protection during management activities.
    • There is a small family cemetery on the property that has been identified on the management plan map and will be protected during any forest management activities with on-the-ground flagging and protection language added to all contracts for activities that may occur near it.
    • Researched current and historic property maps, consulted cultural heritage organization, interviewed landowner and walked the property. Found no special sites.